Drone Services for Wind and Solar Energy

Future, meet future.

As opportunities for expansion continue in the renewables market, continued improvements in efficiency and safety help make the best get better. Float Drone Solutions makes these advances easier to take advantage and more affordable for everyone.

Getting the most our of your equipment is a huge part of making things work in the renewables field

Float Drone Solutions uses a variety of cameras attached to our drone fleet that are viable for effective and safe inspection of property that is inherently unsafe or too large for manned operations to perform inspections on. UHD cameras record 4k video that is 4x the resolution of traditional 1080 HD, combined with our ability to get within 1-2m of anything with our drones means crystal clear video inspections of windmills, generators, solar panels and other essentials while putting zero people in harm’s way.

If you want it, we can scan it.

Thermal and mapping optics on our drones allow for visual data that gives your team the answers they need when and where they need them.

LiDAR operations and Digital Elevation Modeling give clear pictures of your property and the surrounding areas.

All of our data is hosted in the cloud so that it can be used in the field and in the offices simultaneously.

All of this can be done at a fraction of the cost of standard aerial solutions

This leaves more money for other areas of your budget or for more regular data acquisition so that you can keep accurate records of your property and improve efficiency in your teams. Speak with one of our team members about making the most of our drone services today!