Drone Services for Utilities


All the data you’ll ever need, without leaving your chair

Infrastructure built our country to where it is and helps keep everything moving, literally and figuratively. It doesn’t happen without you, and you can’t work without the information you need.

Our drone fleet can give you more data than you could ever ask Santa for and can dish it up in ways that are easy for everyone to use and understand.

3d scans of power lines and other critical utilities give you measurements to the centimeter and take hours, not days to acquire. LiDAR and orthographic maps give you a view of what’s going on. Digital elevation, contour generation, 3d feature extraction and even plant health scans can help you visualize and have the most information before any boots hit the ground. UHD cameras capture inspections 4x more clear than 1080 video in places that are dangerous or difficult to get to (towers, bridges, overpasses, you name it). Contact us today to find out how our drone services can make you more efficient!