Drone Services for Oil / Natural Gas

Do More with Less.

In a time where prices are low and looking to stay that way for a while, a lot of companies are trying to figure out how to tighten their belts. Improved productivity for teams in the field and in the office allows you stay on top of the market. Decreased risk allows you to operate more safely. From exploration to production, Float Avionics has solutions to make work work.

Upstream our drones can provide the affordable fix you need to explore, analyze and better understand your sites and potential sites. Scan potential sites for surface temperature anomalies and elevation patterns. Prepare a property for new construction with 3d survey scans with our lidar equipment, digital elevation scans, right of way visual documentation and more, allowing engineers on site and in the office to have as much information as they need. Our drones can also inspect dangerous areas while putting no one on the team at risk, saving more than just money.

Midstream our team provides initial and continued support for your operations. Monitor environmental concerns and changes in High Consequence Areas from the air. Various scans focusing on vegetation changes, erosion and other considerable changes in the surrounding property can be noted and addressed more quickly than with traditional means. 3d point clouds created with our Lidar systems help you know to the centimeter every building and property surrounding your investments. Regular Right of Way mapping helps catch encroachment and interference to be up to date to help catch problems before they start.

Downstream operations can benefit from our drone services as well. Lidar mapping of current facilities and those under construction can give survey grade data to teams to make the right decision more obvious. Ultra HD cameras can inspect and record dangerous areas of refineries to keep the rest of the team safe and keep operations running. Thermal imaging can detect leaks in pressurized tanks and piping. Our drones can give your team an aerial angle at just 10% of the cost of hiring a helicopter and none of the risk.

Our drones provide more options for the Oil and Natural gas fields to increase their productivity in a time when most people are focusing on making cuts. We operate at a fraction of the cost of other aerial options and provide more accuracy and safety than traditional means. We keep your costs down, your team safe and your company producing. Get in contact with us to talk more about how we can serve you.