Drone Services for Inspections and recording

Using drones for inspection offers a lot of upside and not a lot of downside. We can basically stick our noses in any dangerous, hard to reach, difficult to traverse, off the edge of any cliff, over water, indoor/outdoor, whatever place you need to see what’s going on and it’s risky or time consuming for a person to go there.

Plus, not only do you get a HD live feed of what’s going on, you get an UHD (Four times the clarity of 1080p HD) recording of what we’ve been doing and any photos you request of the work. And that’s just the visual spectrum of our inspections.


We can also fly and give you infrared data (Where are these natural gas tanks leaking? Where is my building loosing heat/cool air?) and plant health data. We’re also able to visit a site multiple times with our drones and give you an analysis of what’s changed since the last visit. How much earth has been moved (purposefully or not), what sorts of changes to the environment have occurred, where are we going to get into trouble if we try to build here.

Even simple progress reports on current construction or events on property. We can even follow pipeline, power lines, right of ways, natural or man made paths for mile on mile, up close or from an eagles perspective.

Long story short, there’s no limit to what our drones can watch for you, where we can go and how much money and risk we can save you. Get in touch with us and we can find the right solution for your situation.