Drone Services for Engineering

More information more quickly means better decisions.

Our drone fleet can take care of just about any scans and visualizations you can imagine, from laser (LiDAR) to environmental health, elevation to surface and building temperature. For new structures and structures already in place, our drones can get in the middle of everything safely and get survey quality information faster and more reliably.

Using our drone fleet, we can gather this information faster than traditional means and more affordably as well.

Know how far along the job is, where trouble areas might arise and prevent problems before they happen. Our work takes hours, not days and can be easily accessed on the job site or in the office, so your team is ready to go wherever they are.

Monitor how a job site progresses over time and catch important changes that save jobs and even lives. And do it all without breaking the bank. Float Avionics and our drone services will do to engineering what the spread sheet did to accounting. Let us help you get out in front of the pack. Contact us today to find out how our drone services can make you more efficient!