Drone Services for Digital Mapping

Digital mapping, for those that aren’t familiar, is basically what it sounds like: taking data from various sources and putting it into geographically correct forms. What that data is determines what the map looks like; more on that below.

Some people know this as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), some people classify it under surveying. Basically, it’s making data more visual and thus easier to interact with. Check out some of our case studies to get a better idea.

So what kinds of data can our drones use to map? As various types of sensors and cameras get smaller and smaller with advances in technology, more and more is able to be mounted onto our drones and used out in the fields (and sometimes out in the field is indoors…yes, we can fly indoors!).


Some of the most popular options are LiDAR (Laser measurements in a radar-like system, read more about it here), NDVI (a visualization of crop health, check out more here), Digital Elevation Modeling, Photogrammetry surveys, Contour Generation, Thermographic imaging and of course, good old fashioned regular cameras with UHD 4k recording capability, four times more clear than 1080p HD cameras.

What makes our drone services stand out is that we can do these maps more accurately (think of looking at a building from the ground vs from the air, which allows you to see more?), more quickly and for significantly less cost (whether it’s because you don’t have to hire a helicopter or because it takes us less time than a ground team). Also, any serious risk is greatly decreased, as our drones are inherently unmanned vehicles, so we can stick our nose in the most dangerous places on your property or over terrain that’s treacherous for teams on the ground to get through.

Aerial photo of a power plant taken from a drone

Finally, our digital maps are made convenient for your team to interact with because they’re stored in the cloud, able to be accessed in the field or in the office, or in the booth at the restaurant after work because you need to double-check something. What industry is this useful in isn’t the right question. Rather people are asking where can’t I use this? We’re coming up with very few answers.

Drone mapping is the future of creating a more digital world, one that’s easier to work and build in, to see and move around in. And the future looks good. Click over to our contact page to talk about how we can serve you in your industry.