Drone Services for Consulting / Guidance / Training

Drones are everywhere.

People have them in parks, in their backyard, at the parade and outside major events, but the ease and access this technology affords hasn’t gotten the respect it fully deserves.

Commercial airplanes have similar autopilot systems to those found on the average drone, but would you fly on a plane with a pilot who’s had no training, no idea what to do when his drone doesn’t do exactly what it’s supposed to?


At Float Avionics, we want to give you the preparation you need to fly your drone or drone fleet safely and effectively, whether it be for work or for play. While we offer many services ourselves, it’s not always realistic to think that we can respond to every need you might have (say a team of insurance adjusters). That’s where we can step up and teach your team safe drone operation and maintenance practices and give them the knowledge and skills to fly when things are good and when things go wrong.

Hands on training occurs on your turf or ours, and we even provide mirco-drones that your team can use to practice whenever and wherever they want, without worry of damage to themselves or property.

Our team can pass along our years of experience in a fun manner that’s easy to understand, and we offer the ability to keep your drones in good repair so you can focus on what you do best.

Get in touch and we can tailor our drone operations training to your specific needs and experiences.