When new technology combines with quality people, big things happen.

About Float Avionics


Float Avionics is a company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that is on the forefront of drone/UAV/UAS technology and applying drone related services to other industries. We gather data that is important to you in a way that you can understand and present it in a way that you can work with. We provide drone services to a wide variety of industries and learn new ways that our products can serve clients every day, and we learn new ways that our drones can serve our clients every day.


About us? I suppose we should start with our name. Avionics is a field nearly as old as aviation itself, traditionally referring to the electronics on an aircraft that provide data back to the crew on-board. Float Avionics is re-purposing that definition with an expansion: our electronics provide information about the world around us. Our drones provide measurements, maps, elevation, temperatures, contours, plant health, structural integrity and more – all provided with our advanced drone systems. The avionics data is no longer just for the crew, it’s for the client.

The ‘Float’ part of our name, aside from the obvious aerial metaphor, paints a picture of our company and how we work. Something that floats is smooth, simple, worry-free and consistent. You don’t ever think twice about a cloud coming down on your head or suddenly disappearing, darting back and forth our of control. Nor will you worry about our work:

Reliability comes without question. Our customers will never have to second guess whether or not the work will get done. If we say we are going to be there, will will be there and we will never make promises we cannot keep.

Safety is our top priority. We take significant measures to make sure our drones are always airworthy and that everyone on the ground is safe and prepared.

Top quality and attention to detail make us stand out. We are not doing this to give you a cheaper option (though we are almost always the cheaper alternative to traditional methods!), we are here to give you the BETTER option. Our work will meet your standards, hands down.


Chuck Williams – Owner

Float Avionics