Faster. Safer. More Accurate.
All for less money

Float Avionics uses drones/UAV technology to drastically increase your productivity at a significantly lower cost that traditional methods. We can help nearly any industry become more efficient and save money in the process using our advanced drone fleet. Check out our services tab to find out more.

A lot of people ask, ‘So what do you guys do?’

Let’s look at it this way: Imagine that you have a robot – a robot that can move freely in 3D space (up, down, forward, back, side to side), that can see like you and I, but can also see thermal images, plant health, distances from point to point, elevation, and structural integrity, and it can let you see those things as well.

Imagine that your robot lets you see problems before they happen and address them before they cost you money. Imagine that it can go into dangerous areas and get you reliable data, preventing the need for any people to have to put themselves at risk. Imagine that robot is more cost effective than paying a human or teams of humans to do the same task, and the robot does a better job.

Believe it or not, Float Avionics has these robots and we want to use them  to solve your problems that you did not think could be solved. This technology is so new that we are still exploring new industries that can benefit from our services. If you have an idea, we would love to talk it over with you!

So, what can we do? More like what can’t we do?